Gun Club Corridor Study

In 2016, the LCVMPO contracted with Keller Associates to study the Gun Club Corridor (GCC).  This study was initiated by the extension of Nez Perce Drive and how that would affect the corridor.  The study was expanded to include the following:

Road Segments

  • Lapwai Road (between Main Street and Gun Club Road)
  • Gun Club Road (between Lapwai Road and 10th St)
  • 11th Avenue Extension (from 29th St to Gun Club Road)
  • 16th Avenue Extension (from 29th St to Gun Club Road)
  • Nez Perce Drive Extension (from Juniper Drive to Gun Club Road)
  • Nez Perce Drive Extension Phase 2 (Gun Club Road to Lindsay Creek Road


  • Main Street and Lapwai Road
  • Lapwai Road and Gun Club Road
  • 10th Street and Warner Avenue
  • Thain Road and 10th Street

The project was divided into two phases - existing conditions and improvement alternatives, both of which were included into the final report.  The existing conditions phase identified current and expected deficiencies by evaluating traffic capacity, crash history, turn lane warrants, clear zones, pavement condition, environmental considerations, alternative transportation modes, and the current concept design for the Nez Perce Drive extension.  The improvement alternatives phase analyzed whether the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) projects were sufficient given the latest traffic projections, and developed alternatives to the LRTP projects to address existing and expected deficiencies. 

Gun Club Corridor Study Documents