Budget and Financials

Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization like all MPO's are required to develop a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) annually that details all work the MPO will do in the fiscal year (23 CFR. 450.308). The UPWP outlines where funding is coming from (i.e. FHWA, FTA, State, partnerships, or local share), and how those funds are being spent. 
 The "Budget"
The UPWP is also referred to as the MPO's budget document, as it lines out revenues and expenses for the MPO.  Funds are allocated to key projects that will improve the MPO's ability to address and plan for transportation. The UPWP also shows how funds are being allocated, and who is responsible for the work. The UPWP is produced by the MPO, reviewed and recommended by the MPO Technical Advisory Committee and approved by the MPO Policy Board.  Approval of this document is typically in September of each year.

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UPWP Documents

Audited Financial Statements